Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vital really a free synth?

Yes! Vital is completely free and all of the presets here are 100% compatible with the free version without any restrictions. You can download Vital here.

How does Vital compare to [insert synth here]?

As someone who had been exclusively using Serum and Sylenth1 for over four years, I believe Vital is currently the best soft synth on the market. Not only does it sound better, but it can do things no other synths are capable of. I made a blind audio comparison with Serum here if you don't believe me.

Will you be making more preset packs?

Of course! However, I like to make sure everything I release is of the highest quality so I apologize if it takes me a while to make them. Just know that I spend hours working with Vital almost every single day and am constantly looking for ways to improve and perfect my craft.

How do I make this sound in Vital?

Join the discord to request sounds or just talk about anything related to music production or sound design.